Needing a little inspiration for my daily photos...

One month done and I am already noticing a stagnation in my pictures.  Too much day to day life and not much that I would consider artistic or reaches.  Apparently I have minor obsessions with my dog (knew that one already) and trees.  I think that the trees remind me of being grounded but still reaching...  And they give decent contrast to the sky.

Being that I have a job that keeps me away from the daylight hours during the winter months and other commitments with meetings, school, graduate school, and a host of other obligations and time suckers, I have found that I am trying to rush pictures some days.  Though I have no doubt that come spring time and summer, I will have more opportunities and desire to be outside and thus will have some more inspired photos and hopefully a little bit more time on my hands, I must admit that I need a focus for the next month or so of winter.

So I decided that I am going to do weekly color studies.  If I find additional inspiration, I will add other photos to the 365 blog, but I hope to collect my rainbow of photos by the end of March.

Feb 1-7  White
Feb 8-14 Red
Feb 15-21 Orange
Feb 22-28 Yellow
Mar 1-7 Green
Mar 8-14 Blue
Mar 15-21 Purple
Mar 22-28 Black
Mar 29-31 Rainbows- Hopefully this one will work out!  Please play along mother nature!

I am excited for the potential of these next few weeks and can't wait to see what I end up with!  If this focus goes well, I hope to do more focused projects.  My number one project hope is to collect the alphabet and the numbers in found objects or places.  I hope to create a poster for my classroom of my photographic alphabet and share my inspiration with my students when we do our geometry unit next year.  I also would like to spend some time looking for faces in objects like THIS site!



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