Needing a little inspiration for my daily photos...

One month done and I am already noticing a stagnation in my pictures.  Too much day to day life and not much that I would consider artistic or reaches.  Apparently I have minor obsessions with my dog (knew that one already) and trees.  I think that the trees remind me of being grounded but still reaching...  And they give decent contrast to the sky.

Being that I have a job that keeps me away from the daylight hours during the winter months and other commitments with meetings, school, graduate school, and a host of other obligations and time suckers, I have found that I am trying to rush pictures some days.  Though I have no doubt that come spring time and summer, I will have more opportunities and desire to be outside and thus will have some more inspired photos and hopefully a little bit more time on my hands, I must admit that I need a focus for the next month or so of winter.

So I decided that I am going to do weekly color studies.  If I find additional inspiration, I will add other photos to the 365 blog, but I hope to collect my rainbow of photos by the end of March.

Feb 1-7  White
Feb 8-14 Red
Feb 15-21 Orange
Feb 22-28 Yellow
Mar 1-7 Green
Mar 8-14 Blue
Mar 15-21 Purple
Mar 22-28 Black
Mar 29-31 Rainbows- Hopefully this one will work out!  Please play along mother nature!

I am excited for the potential of these next few weeks and can't wait to see what I end up with!  If this focus goes well, I hope to do more focused projects.  My number one project hope is to collect the alphabet and the numbers in found objects or places.  I hope to create a poster for my classroom of my photographic alphabet and share my inspiration with my students when we do our geometry unit next year.  I also would like to spend some time looking for faces in objects like THIS site!


My Sundays... paper to follow.


My favorite part of the Mohegan wine fest... Beer tasting!


Leaving Brown.


Doppelganger week on fb. I am the supernanny.


I hate this eyesore... The racquet club in Madison. Spaceship disrupts the beautiful pond view!


Stopped by the Surf Club to vote and couldn't resist a pic.



Sleepy Sunday on the couch!


Bailey boo


Leaving school on a FRIDAY!!!! What a geek!!!


What I was doing when I really just wanted to go home and walk the dog. If only this was 500 days of summer, I might have more fun photocopying!!!


The only sad thing about a photograph is that it never compares to real life.  The clouds were GLOWING orange and pink around the edges and were purpley-grey in the centers!  Beautiful!


I am luuuhhhh viiin my white nailpolish!
(but apparently you can't see it in this pic...  bummer.  Still kinda dig the pic though)


Finally well enough, warm enough and snow-free enough to take the dog on a walk...


Jill just beat Super Mario Bros for wii all on her own with no continues! Wowzer Bowser!!!



I missed yesterday, so two today...


It is staying lighter later!


I slipped in the snow while taking the picture...  This is what we call a happy accident!  I love how you can still clearly see the tree on the right!


On my way home...


Late Night Lamp Post


Spending my birthday with my favoritest!


Renzo and the crazy hibachi fire.

With the Beffer!

Ryan and me at dinner.

Jej, Kimba, Randy and Renzo.
Dinner with the ones I love!


Why am I getting free sample packages from similac in the mail???


New haircut... not that much different than the old, but the blowout was divine!!!


My theraflu in my special picture appearing/disappearing picture mug! Cold avoidance!


100 miles done, way longer than I hoped, but finished either way.


Back to school!


Tonight's project...


Post party poopage!


The flowers on the table during the party.